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Great chat with Ben Hoseus

One of our founders

Tell us about you

As a firm believer in the pursuit of people development, I often express the view that there is an unquestionable overlap in the underlying purpose of both continuous improvement & humanitarian work. The key principles of each revolve around sustainable development, proper education and training systems, and ongoing support and coaching. Throughout my experience as a business consultant and advisor, I have not found a more powerful operating philosophy than the ideal to generate “long-term mutual prosperity for all stakeholders” – at the individual, organizational, community, and global levels. My experience with this mindset first came from exposure in the Toyota Production System, although after several years working across industries as a consultant, I have seen this mentality manifest in many different, yet still poignant forms.

There is no question in my mind that the businesses with the best odds for long-term financial viability and longevity will have some sort of central guiding principle around the empowerment and development of people across all levels. It is a fundamental aspect of leading a team, a group, a tribe, a community, a business, and beyond.


How did your Spread Journey started?

I began SpreadProsperity by embarking on an extended trip around the globe to gain firsthand experience on how humanitarian development work succeeds and falls short. This “study mission” has taken me across many borders – geographical, cultural, and socio-economical – and it continues to challenge my thinking and my personal motivations while offering purposeful lessons through experiences and interactions with many talented people and organizations.

The motivation of SpreadProsperity is to promote long-term mutual prosperity – individually, socially, and professionally. The goal is to build sustainable platforms of insight (online & print presence), education (training & development programs), and investment (micro-finance programs and “Returns on Humanity”). The vision for Spread is that it will become an active community of problem-solving which will form a collection of impactful stories and case studies which help broaden people’s horizons and challenge their thinking of what is possible, particularly in the humanitarian sector.


What would be your message to others?

Our ability to solve challenging problems will be the product of our principles. Spread maintains a deep desire to learn and share more about the principles that guide our lives. As Spread continues to grow, we seek to solve more challenging and complex problems, although we have learned from history’s greatest teachers who realized that many of the greatest problems won’t be solved in this lifetime. The solution is to begin by spreading the right seeds of belief and action.

Through discipline, the harvest may be more practical than we think.


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