Simplifying internal communication COVID-19 Project

Our healthcare professionals are having trouble communicating with colleagues who are in isolation areas treating infected patients.

1. Problem identified

We have health professionals trying to find a way to talk to colleagues in isolation since this communication is hampered by numerous doors and isolation suits to prevent contagion.

2. Solutions being studied

We are looking for simple solutions to help you with this communication. The project is already underway and here are some ideas already tested / studied:

Baby intercoms - Not feasable

Pros - Hands free
Cons - Unilateral

Motorbikes halmmet microphone - Not feasable

Pros - Bilateral
Cons - When removing the suit, which is a rigorous process to ensure non-contagion, the wires and apparatus inside the suit could compromise this process.

Speakers in meeting rooms - In progress

Pros - Bilateral
Cons - 

How can you help?

a. With ideas: Do you know of any other country that has gone through this and that we could collect ideas to try to make feasible in Portugal, or if you have any ideas that can help us solve this current problem, however simple it may be, share information here.

c. As a resource: Are you a transformation professional or do you think you could contribute as a resource for this project, tell us how here.

b. With donations: We want to make this implementation feasible. Contribute by donating so that we can mobilize resources through the purchase of necessary materials. Make your donation here.

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